Photograph the Milky Way and Star Trail photos

For my future reference:

The Milky Way photo Tips:

1. Look at sky report, try to avoid moon, eg, Sky Report in Southern Cal:

2. Avoid city, find dark place.

3. Use some apps on the phone/computer to identify stars: Stellarium, Startracker,.etc

4.DSLR,Tripod,Shutter Release. Use wide angle: 24mm, 14mm,.etc

Then ->Compose photo->Mirror Lock up->Shutter Release(Or self-timer)

5. Manual mode, set manual focus (MF) to infinity or far away

set 30 sec exposure time

Use max aperture available: f/2.8 f/1.4 .,etc

ISO:   if F/1.4 -> 1600  if F/2.8 -> 6400

6. Set White balance to Tungsten (try around 4000k) or adjust later in photoshop. Also increasing contrast.

Star Trail tips:

1.Using the above method to get multiple shoots, eg: 100 shoots. (It’s better to point at the North Star) Use some shutter release cable, or use the camera build-in interval shooting function(if have).

2. Using Photoshop: File->Scripts->Load files into stack

3. choose all the layers and set “Layer Blending options” to “lighten”

3. Adjust other parameters as you like.


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