Youtube Live Streaming Mac screen & system audio with OBS

My Settings:


2015 Macbook pro 13 with 2.7Ghz Intel Core i5 & 8Gb Ram

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 + OBS 0.15.1 (Mac Version)

Internet: 100Mbps download; 7Mbps upload

First, schedule a Youtube Live Event:

Youtube-> Creator Studio-> Live Streaming -> Events -> New Live Event:

Fill the basic info (Title, Descriptions) with start and stop time. List it as ‘unlist’

In ‘Advanced settings’, Enable live chat, disable Promotions, disable public video statistics. Then enable ‘Recording’! Enable DVR. Select ‘optimize for less viewer buffing’

Then click ‘Create event’

In the proceeding window, in ‘Main Camera’ section

Select Basic Ingestion -> 3000kbps (1080p)

Select encode -> other encoders

Copy Stream Name and Primary Server URL for later OBS Settings

Save changes and to go ‘Live Control room’ setting panel, stay here

Then, Configure encoder

  1. Install OBS and iShowU Audio Capture (
  2. iShowU Audio Capture settings:
    1. in Mac, open system ‘Audio MIDI setup’ in Utility under Application; in the left panel, add a ‘Multi-Output Device’. In the right panel, select both ‘Built-in Output’ and ‘iShowU Audio’. This will mirror Build-in output to iShowU Audio. Select drift correction for iShowU Audio Capture.
    2. Go to system Sound Preference panel, select output to be Multi-Output Device.(Ref:
  3. OBS Settings:
    1. In ‘General’ -> select Automatically record when streaming and keep recording when stream stops. (Select these two in case bad internet connection)
    2. In the ‘Streaming’ section, choose ‘Custom Streaming Server’; Paste previous Youtube ‘Primary Server URL ‘ in ‘URL’; Paste ‘Stream Name’ to ‘Stream key’ section
    3. In ‘Output’ section, select ‘Output Mode’ ->Advanced;  Select ‘Encoder’ -> x264; Rate Control -> CBR (if more motion pictures) / VBR (if less motion, presentation style); Bitrate -> 6000; Use Custom buffer Size -> 8000; Keyframe Interval -> 3; CPU -> Very fast  (Birate 6000kbps is base on my actual internet upload speed capability)
    4. In ‘Audio’ Section: Mic/Aux Audio Device -> iShowU audio Capture
    5. in ‘Video’ Section: Base Res-> 1920×1080; Output->1920×1080; Downscale Filter-> Bicubic.
  4. OBS Streaming:
    1. Add a new Scenes, then add a new Source. Select Windows Capture, select desired windows to be capture.
    2. In the Mixer, if any system sound is playing, the signal level will show here (Current, system Mic is not mixed, if necessary, reconfigure iShowU Audio to include a Mic)
  5. Click Start Streaming in OBS. In youtube ‘Live Control Room’, there should be a stream status displayed now. Follow step: Preview-> Go Live. Now the video is live! It’s showing my computer windows (the one I captured in step 4) and any sound coming from my system speaker.
  6. When finished, in OBS, stop streaming, stop recording. In youtube Live Control Room-> Stop streaming. If necessary, the video can be found in youtube video manager, for later list editing.


  1. Youtube Schedule event, copy streaming name and server URL, configure settings
  2. iShowU audio:  Audio MIDI setup, system sound preference panel set to Muti-output device
  3. OBS settings, keyfram3, bitrate
  4. OBS capture window
    1. In fact, OBS is more efficient in capturing the entire screen
    2. Some software, e.g. GoToWebinar, has its own sound management, make sure set the audio output to ‘Muti-Output Device’. Otherwise, OBS won’t capture the sound.
  5. Start streaming in both OBS and youtube
  6. Stop streaming, recording in OBS, stop streaming at Youtube.


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